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Winter Farming in Japan

January 17, 2014


Onions battling on in any weather!

winter-seasonFor the DIY gardener, it is certainly difficult to do too much in an open garden in Japan in Winter.    It is just too cold for the majority of vegetables and annuals to grow without artificial heating and without solid protection from snow, frosts and freezing winds exhaled from Siberia and prevailing weather systems.

The Spring, Summer and Fall however, provide a huge variety of options for garden preparation and harvest of fresh vegetables from the back yard.  There will be lots to write about from the  Japanese DIY garden soon.  The soil will start to feel the warmth of the breaking Winter freeze relatively shortly.

In the meantime, professional growers in rural parts of Japan  continue their usual growing cycles.   They grow lettuce and other leafy green vegetables under frost protection covers or  in heated greenhouses.  Late planted onions from the previous year too, are basically left to battle on through any harsh Winter growing conditions thrown at them.

The cycles and activities of planting, care and harvesting on Japanese farms are always interesting.  The techniques employed are often quite different to those used in large scale operations found in other countries. 

In Japan, production is often highly intensive.  The growers aim to produce high quality, perfectly shaped fruit and vegetables on relatively small plots of land that often double as flooded rice paddy on a rotational basis.  Although deviating from home DIY a little, we will be posting occasional stories relating to Japanese agriculture in future.  These may be of interest not only for comparison sakes, but also because some of the techniques are potentially useful for application to home DIY gardens as well.  More soon.

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