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Home, DIY and Stuff covers a broad range of  topics, concepts and interests.  Some are technical, some help pull things apart, some are general interest and others are just for fun.

When we write about DIY projects, we cover a wide area of areas including general home projects, CNC design, workshop solutions, electronics, computing, interior design, craft, hobby, gardening, food and cooking and more.

houseA drone helicopter sprays a Wheat crop in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

We also write about a wide range of methods and activities that may be of interest from rural Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan (our writing base).

Our contributors are active DIYers with experience in all sorts of DIY fields. We fix, maintain, complete and refurbish indoors and out. In the home, in the garden, in rural farming and agricultural areas and elsewhere. As per most experienced in DIY participants, we are also experienced in our fair share of projects resulting in failures, damage and destruction. Good and bad alike, there is usually tips and information to share as a result.

At Home, DIY & Stuff, we take the approach that life is for learning.  We believe that with a little effort and understanding, almost anything can be achieved by almost anyone!

We hope to provide ideas and inspiration from general ideas, completed projects and repairs.

Onion Farming

Winter Greenhouse Farming

We also hope to offer readers additional scraps of information we found to be key in helping us work out solutions for problems.    If any one of our technical “infoscraps” or CNC design downloads can help any  good people in this world, then we are very happy!

PCB Screen PrintingSome blog writings are posted just for pure interests sakes, since we know we live in a reasonably different part of the world (ie: Japan) where various activities are performed in very specific and sometimes intensely alternative ways.


DIY, gardening and Japanese farming and agricultural practices are all part of our Japanese writings, but we also include hobbies, cooking, and other activities from Japanese life and culture too.


 On behalf of those involved in the HomeDIYStuff site, we sincerely hope you enjoy our site and find something you like.

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments on any topic that has been written about if you so desire.  We will attempt to answer questions to the best of our ability and resources.


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