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Sewing Machine Service of the Brother PS-100

January 17, 2013
Brother PS-100 Sewing Machine

Brother PS-100 Sewing Machine (Japanese Model)

If you or yours are into sewing and you notice the machine is starting to play up more than it used to, give it a little love and attention.  Just a bit of oil on the internals is a start, but an full, overall maintenance service does wonders for operation.

I got roped into servicing a relatively old Brother PS-100 sewing machine recently.  Since there seems to be little or no information (in English) on the internet about the internals of this particular model, I made sure I took lots of photos of the internals for others to use, should there be the need.

If you are opening the Brother PS-100 machine up for the first time, there are some tricky plastic clips that you need to be aware of before you start forcing any covers.

The internal photos and more specific details of the Brother PS-100 sewing machine service can be found here.

Amazing Internal Engineering!

Internals of a Brother PS-100 Sewing MachineThe internal engineering of sewing machines has always fascinated me.  They are complicated and “beefy” little machines with so many interesting and ingenious methods for moving their parts.  Levers, springs, crankshafts, dials, swivels, you name it … it is in there!  The displacement of force vectors into differing movement directions and plains, as well as the high speed switching of  needle patterns, etc, are nothing short of amazing.

To think that these machines were invented so long ago.  There is more about the history and invention of the sewing machine here if you are interested.  It is interesting reading.  The invention and mass production of the sewing machine in the early 1800′s caused people to burn down factories and to riot in the streets, because they thought the machine would cause mass unemployment.

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