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Seedlings Get First Direct Sunshine

January 26, 2013
Onion Seedlings

Japanese onion seedlings get their first taste of the outdoor sunshine after being born and raised in greenhouses.

winter-seasonThe Japanese Winter carries on with it’s signature cold winds and low temperatures.  Meanwhile, rural farmers have been toiling away in greenhouses preparing their vegetable seedlings for the next season’s planting and growing cycle.

Now the skies above are blue, crisp and bright, trays of well developed onion seedlings are slowly being moved from the relative comfort and protection of greenhouses to locations in the open air.  This begins the hardening process of the seedlings before they are planted out in the big bad world.

Now outside, the developing seedlings get their first taste of life under the full and strengthening rays of Winter sunshine.   They do however, remain under a farmer’s watchful eye.  Plastic covers are nearby and can be re-applied quickly to protect the seedlings if weather suddenly turns bad.  The protective covers are also rolled down before nightfall to protect the plants from risk of damage from overnight frost and snow.

Next step is to plant the seedlings into their allocated plots of land ready for the Spring growing season.

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