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Roosting Japanese Ibis – Free CNC Design Download

February 3, 2014
Japanese Ibis Bird on Stump - Free CNC Design Download - Zip File Containing DXF_CRV_G-Code_Files

Japanese Ibis Bird on Stump – Free CNC Design Download – Zip File Containing DXF, 2D-Cut CRV, and CNC Cutter G-Code Files

Home, DIY and Stuff offers yet another DIY CNC design download in the Japanese Ibis series.  Download the Roosting Japanese Ibis sitting on a tree stump here.

The design is available free for non-commercial use, and for a minimal fee for commercial use.

We’ve had this design in mind for some time and just needed a little time to get it onto the CNC machine.  Now it’s done, we love it.  We hope you do too!

If you missed the earlier free CNC design downloads in the Japanese Ibis series posted some time ago, they are available from links under posts for Free CNC design download – Soaring Ibis and Free CNC design download – Flying Ibis.  You can also find other designs here.

The latest Roosting Ibis design was initially created with a large, narrow wall space in mind.  Our DIY CNC cut ended up being approximately five feet high to fill the space.  It was cut from particle board and now that its painted black and backed with soft lighting for a silhouette effect against the wall, it looks simply fantastic!

Just a heads up.  Since the design is quite long and narrow, the design files are arranged with the tree stump in two pieces.  This is to allow cutting of a large design on a smaller CNC cutter base.  It also means that a shorter, rectangular material block can be used more efficiently to produce the long design.

Should you have a large CNC table in your workshop, or if you only want to cut the design as a small project after download, feel free to re-join the parts in your chosen design software.
You may only use these design files if you accept that all project work is at your own risk.  Please ensure all settings associated with the design, output files, CNC and your project, including size, bit diameter, cut depth, cut speed, cut increment, etc, are as required before cutting.   We take no responsibility for completeness, suitability, fitness for purpose, or otherwise of the design files and are not liable for any resulting issues or problems.

As we’ve said before…check, check and re-check all CNC and software settings before you make any cuts on this project.  It saves time and materials, and potentially any damage or injuries too!  If in doubt, don’t start cutting!

The download file offered is a 111kB zip file containing the separate DXF, CRV and GCode files required for the design.

By the way, we’d love to know how this project turns out for people.  Feel free to throw us some feedback in the comments section…


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