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Renewing Japanese Paper Doors

February 5, 2013
Tatami Room with Shouji Doors

Tatami Room with Shouji Doors

Has the paper on your Japanese doors become messy, torn or discolored?   The paper is easily replaced as an afternoon’s DIY project.  We have outlined the important tips for changing the paper and ending with a neat job here.

Japanese paper doors, or shoji as they are named locally, can add great beauty and elegance to the interior of any home.

In traditional Japanese homes, they are associated with any number of tatami floored rooms throughout a house.  Even in modern Japanese home designs where Western styled living interiors have become the norm, there is often still at least one tatami room decorated in traditional Japanese lines and styles.  These come complete with paper doors.

One of the biggest problems with Japanese paper doors is that they require very regular maintenance – usually on a yearly basis.  The tight paper panels discolor quickly with age and also damage extremely easily.

The tight skins of paper are certainly not “poke resistant”, yet remain seemingly irresistible to little fingers.   Pets with a boisterous desire to play and visitors with wide hand gestures during conversation can also put paper doors at constant risk.

One hole, one tear, or one pushed out paper panel and the pristine look of an entire room is shattered.  Nothing looks worse in a Japanese tatami room than discolored, tattered and poorly maintained shoji!

With just a few very simple tips and care, a totally professional looking DIY job is easily attainable for almost anyone taking on this project.   Check our guide for changing the paper on Japanese Shoji doors here.

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