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Plum Tree Blossom

March 15, 2013
A plum tree's magnificent blossom display hints that warmer weather is not too far away.

A plum tree’s magnificent blossom display says days are longer and hints that warmer weather is not too far away.

Spring SeasonThe early Spring flowers of Japan are an extremely beautiful and uplifting sign that change is in the air.

Japanese Plum Trees are usually amongst the first dazzling blooms of the year that hint days are becoming longer and that the coldest weather of Winter is behind us for another year.

The bold presentations of blossom are in stark contrast to the usually dull, dry colors of Japanese scenery and gardens in late Winter.

Plum blossom develops many weeks in advance of the more extravagant and explosive displays from Japanese Cherry Blossom trees.

Plum blossom develops while mornings remain frosty and the air is still cool.  Cherry blossoms make their arrival (anytime) between mid-March to mid-April, by which time the air usually has a hint of warmth to it.

The blooming of plum trees is a reminder that the start of a wonderful period to enjoy natures gifts is just around the corner for Japan.



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