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Meade Autostar Damaged BIOS Recovery

January 26, 2013

Meade AutostarSome time ago, during a clear, starry night which was perfect for astronomy, the Meade Autostar handset I was using to drive the motor tracking of a Meade DS-115 telescope, suddenly corrupted itself.  The orange two line LED display was filled with junk.  Both the handset and the telescope motor control became unusable.

Pulling out the telescope power socket and re-booting the Autostar did not fix the problem.  The BIOS couldn’t be repaired by simply resetting the device.

After a lot of trouble trying to find a solution without any suitable information or handbooks to guide me, I (pretty much) accidentally discovered what to do to force the BIOS to a selection mode where the Autostar had erased the previous BIOS and was again ready to receive an uplink for re-installing the new BIOS through the interface cable.

Perhaps there is information elsewhere on the internet now, but there wasn’t when I was trying to figure this out.  Either way, I hope this information can help anyone else who finds themselves dealing with the same frustrating situation.  This solution saved my Autostar and my sanity!

The Autostar damaged BIOS fix can be found here.

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