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Making a Home DIY Metal Sheet Bender

January 26, 2016
Precision Folds from a DIY Sheet Metal and Acrylic Bender

Precision 90 degree bends in 2mm thick metal plate, made by a DIY sheet metal, plastics and acrylic bending machine.

We suddenly had the desperate need to bend stuff in the workshop!

We are talking 2mm steel sheet.  And we were not wanting to just destroy it with low quality folds either, but to effectively and precisely bend it at pre-determined fold lines to produce professional looking folds repetitively, piece after piece.

In material like 2mm sheet metal, precise 90 degree bends with quality edges would normally be a relatively difficult and frustrating task for home DIYer’s without the right equipment – as just happened to be the case for us.

So we decided to work smarter and put the DIY gray matter into gear.

After some quick mental design work and an hour or two in the workshop, we had made our new Home DIY Sheet Metal Bending Machine – See the project page here.

The tool worked extremely well and did fantastic metal folds. We later realized it was also great for bending acrylic and other plastics too!

As it turns out, we had produced an extremely simple, but very effective design.

Our DIY sheet metal bender provides sharp and professional looking bends in 0.5mm to 2mm thick steel, tin and aluminum sheet. It also does a great job of folding acrylic and plastic of up to 10mm thick (with external heat).  Maybe even thicker!

Due to the design having an optional fold position adjustment, the bending tool can be changed to accommodate a range of different material thicknesses and still offer very clean, sharp bends.  The possibilities for use are still only just dawning on us.  Protective housings, PCB covers, CNC machine engraved boxes, furniture edgings and corners, etc.  It is all possible.

So, we offer this quick and easy home DIY project to whomever may be interested. We know the unit will be a handy DIY tool waiting for us in the workshop in future.

This project can be completed by almost anyone with basic home DIY skills and tools.

Check out the design, how-to guide and photos on our DIY project page here.

DIY safely while making our DIY metal and acrylic sheet bending machine …. and enjoy!

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