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Leaves Fall, Frogs Change

November 15, 2015

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Japanese Tree Frog - Hyla japonica

Japanese Tree Frog – Hyla japonica

Remember the cute, yet exceedingly greedy little terrestrial Japanese Tree Frog, Hyla japonica, we mentioned last Summer? The endemic frog species of Japan which helped scientists give the world more efficient Wi-Fi communication by getting croaks heard in the congestion of mating season airwaves?

They used to be colored a vibrant green. Now they are not!

The gardens and habitats have dried as the air has cooled. As such, most rain frogs have also thrown off their garish Summer tones of green for cooler, more camouflaged grays. Others still can’t yet make up their minds and have chosen to wear splashes of both green and gray as they hop between dried perennials and hide amongst remaining outposts of greenery.

By the time the leaves have turned completely and late Fall arrives, all rain frogs have committed to their new coat of colors. A best guess at the most suitable shades to hide during Winter. Anything from a light moon rock gray, to a dark, earthy brown is common.

The frogs burrow deep underground to hibernate.

No more greedy gorging on grubs, no more showing scientists how to improve WI-FI algorithms with uninterrupted mating calls.

The amphibian airwaves go quiet. The rain frog sleeps for the Winter.

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