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CNC Design – Machine Hold Down Clamp Knobs – Free Design Download (GCode, CRV)

DIY CNC Hold Down Clamp KnobFree home DIY CNC machine design download

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CNC Machine Hold Down Clamp Knob

The free zip file download contains:

1) A CRV vector graphic file for use with the Cut2D CNC design application by Ventric. (Some other applications may also accept this vector graphics file.)

2) A text file with G-Code for direct use with CNC machine software. (eg: Mach3 CNC software).



NOTE:  Although larger pre-designed CNC cut sizes of the cat paw print design are available for download, sizing can easily be changed within CAD design software, Ventric Cut2D or other suitable vector graphics design software to whatever design size you require).

Find other free CNC design downloads here (download as dxf, cvr, pdf, GCode, etc).


Free Download of CNC Designs from - DXF CRV GCode

Please note that you may need to change size, depth, pass depth and cutter bit settings within the files to achieve the CNC cut outcome desired.  Please check and test all settings carefully before proceeding with a cut.

Warning:  No liability or responsibility will be taken by site owners, contributors, or associates for the completeness, accuracy, relevance, or fitness for purpose of the data you are about to download.  Download and use these files is at entirely your own risk

(Due to download bandwidth limitations, there is a maximum number of download attempts available – 5 times per file for any user.)


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