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CNC Design using QR Codes – Free Download

July 1, 2014

CNC Free design download - QRCode - I Will Love You AlwaysQR Codes (Quick Response Codes) were originally developed in Japan in 1994.  They were made to improve efficiencies in part tracking in the automotive industry.  Since then, QR Codes have touched almost every aspect of industry and daily life across the world.

The codes are essentially a clever two dimensional bar code, which can be easily read by most modern smartphones.  All that is required is installation of any number of readily downloadable QR Code scanner apps (eg: Qrafter or QR Reader for iPhone and Android, or equivalent).

The square blocks of digital information in QR Codes can be designed to hide  any text, URL link, or information, along with pictorial graphics if desired.

I recently used my own freshly created 2.5D QR Code CNC design to make a new wood block art piece.      Go direct to free CNC design download –>

CNC Design - Free Download | QR Code The design was carefully cut on a large piece of

flat wood.  It was important to use a sharp CNC bit and to ensure that the CNC machine cut all electronic blobs in the design cleanly.  The project piece was then sanded lightly to remove any wood burrs produced.

QR Code scanners rely on the details of the high contrast pattern to reveal encoded information.  So next, a roller was used to carefully apply a coat of dark matte paint to the design’s upper surface.

The large wood block was then framed and hung on the wall.

With the job complete and my message on display for the world to see, all that was left to do, was wait.  How long would it be before my tech savvy wife worked out what on earth the new workshop creation was?  (Can you read the code in the image above with your smartphone’s QR Code scanner app?)


If you would like to try cutting this project for yourself, check out the free QR Code CNC design file download here.  (The message contained in the above image is also revealed at the link destination if you are not able to scan it yourself.)

Have fun with the design and afterwards,  may your better half be more forgiving of all your hours in the CNC workshop!


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