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CNC Design – QR Code of Love (Free Download)

A free CNC design download with a secret message

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CNC Free design download - QRCode - I Will Love You Always

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are used for a multitude of reasons these days, but here is a great project design for those who are too shy to say some things out aloud.

Just cut the CNC project in the workshop and then place the finished message  in a frame on the wall.

Let your better half figure out the meaning of your latest DIY project for themselves!

The “secret message” can be read when scanned with most smartphone QR Code (quick response code) scanner apps. (eg: QR Reader from iTunes for iPhone.)


The CNC design QR Code reads:

“I will love you always!”

You can even use your scanner to test the message within the image above right now!  (Fear not. There is no link hidden or URL hidden in this design.  The scanner should only provide a text result.)


Want to give this CNC project a try?  Download the QR Code design now!

Note: This download ONLY includes the CNC machine information for cutting the QR Code design itself.  The frame shown in the image above is NOT included in the G-Code file.


This download is a 112kB ZIP file containing two compressed files for use with CNC projects. Included are:

1) A 410kB CRV vector graphic file for use with Ventric Cut2D CNC vector graphics design software, etc.

2) A text file with G-Code (41KB download) for direct use with a CNC machine. (eg: Mach3 CNC software).


CNC Design - Free Download | QR CodeClick on the download button to add file to your cart.  The item will register as $0.00 purchase value in your shopping cart. Despite downloading through a purchase like checkout process, the files are free (for non-commercial use).

Go to checkout to complete the download process.

You may need to change size, depth, pass depth and cutter bit settings within the files to achieve the CNC cut outcome desired.  Please check and test all setting carefully before proceeding with a cut.

Warning:  No liability or responsibility will be taken by site owners, contributors, or associates for the completeness, accuracy, relevance, or fitness for purpose of the data you are about to download.  Download and use these files is at entirely your own risk

(Due to download bandwidth limitations, there is a maximum number of download attempts available – 3 times per file for any registered user.)


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