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Another Free CNC Design Download

January 24, 2014

Free Download of CNC Designs from - DXF CRV GCode

Cat Paw Print Mouse Pad Design for DIY home CNC machining

cat_play_Cut2DFollowing the free walking happy cat CNC router cutout design posted last week, I have made a second similarly styled cat design available for others to download and use.  The download files are provided free for private, non-commercial use and are in CVR (Ventric Cut2D) , DXF and GCode formats.

The free downloads for this CNC design can be found here.

As before, please use caution and check all sizes and relevant cut settings of the files before use with any CNC movement or cut. There is no guarantee of completeness of these designs and some touch up may even be required here and there to make them suitable for your needs.     The vector graphics can be expanded or compressed to any cut size as required.

Good luck and happy CNC cutting!



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