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Invisible Messages on Bananas – No Ink Required

January 23, 2014

Banana Messaging Technology
Here is a fun DIY text messaging technology which any monkey can use. Banana messaging!

The fun part is the message remains near invisible when first written and takes time to develop. So it’s great for cheering up a your partner’s day as they first open the fridge in the morning (with your banana placed inconspicuously, yet stategically the night before), or for packing that extra smile in your childrens’ lunch box to be discovered later in the school day.

All that is required for writing a DIY banana messages is:

a) a banana
b) water
c) a tooth pick.

Wet the shaft of the toothpick from the top down so the water gradually drains to feed the tip as you write. Then carefully write whatever message you please in the banana skin with the moistened tip. The resolution is of discoloration is even good enough to allow intricate banana skin artwork.

There is no need to press hard or to forcefully etch the message into the skin. Let the water make most of the enzyme chemistry and discoloration happen.

Once done and before the water evaporates, place the banana in a refrigerator or iced lunch box and let nature reveal your secret message over time. The message will begin to appear within 15 – 30 minutes in the refrigerator and continue to darken with the passing of hours. That’s easily enough time to escape the scene of your cheeky message and leave an uplifting smile or thought in your place.

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