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Lithium Battery Destroys iPhone

February 17, 2014

“I didn’t open the case.  It was found like this!  DIY dead I tell ya!”


Notice the curve on the circuit board as it was “stretched” by the puffing lithium battery.

Hardly a DIY project of my desire or making, but my iPhone definitely DIY destroy itself!

The battery of this iPhone 3 puffed up so much that it cracked open the phone case all by itself and bent, broke and destroyed the circuit board and connecting contacts inside.  The total movement caused by the puffing Lithium battery was approximately 3cm (ie: a bit over an inch).   Should I think myself lucky that there wasn’t a Lithium fire too?

This iPhone 3 was used in the workshop for listening to music.  It was used regularly and the battery was kept well charged most of the time.  It was approximately 2 years old.

This damage occurred over about a week when the phone was left in the cold.  Some mornings dropped to around minus -5C and it appears the Lithium battery discharged beyond it’s limits.  The Lithium battery was puffing like a blowfish!

Unfortunately, the battery had destroyed many internal connections.  The hold down screws in the corners of the PCB circuit board had snapped off.  Repair was simply not a feasible option.

The culprit. Knowing I had a payload of lost data on my hands unless involving exorbitant costs, I did pull the phone apart completely to see if there were any parts to salvage.  I also wanted to remove and dispose of the ailing battery properly.

The lesson in this is, be warned!  Check any phones or appliances that use Lithium batteries often.  Even more often in Winter.  Your ever trusty devices do have the potential to destroy themselves when left alone.



You can see how the circuit board has been bent upwards by the puffing battery, forcing the phone case to split open.









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